Psychedelic Girl

by Steelshine

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From the forthcoming album "Steelshine"...


Psychedelic Girl
Copyright 2012 Driver Wild Music (ASCAP)

Kiss the morning like a long lost friend
Monday, Monday - you wish the day would never end

Wish upon a star
For a rocket ship to take you far away

Wild, runnin' free you're the beautiful one
Got flowers in your hair, dancing naked in the sun

But it tastes of bitter wine, because you know this place in time won't last forever

You can't borrow another day
Because tomorrow is already on its way

Psychedelic girl you've got your head in the clouds
You're a little high and you don't wanna come down
Psychedelic girl write your name in the sky
Before you have to say goodbye.

Touch the moment you're in a sacred place
Where the shaman's prayer, like a love affair paints a smile across your face

And there's a whisper in your ear
But it feels like you're a million miles away

You can't borrow another day
Because tomorrow is already on its way


Look in the mirror, girl
And you tell yourself that nothing lasts forever
Soon this moment will be over
And when you close your eyes - that's when the moment dies
So you've gotta say goodbye to yesterday

Ooo - See the colors of the rainbow

It's hard enough when you love life so much
You wanna reach out and touch another day
That seems so far away...



released April 13, 2012
Produced by David Henzerling



all rights reserved


Steelshine Scottsdale, Arizona

Seann Nicols
Dave Henzerling
John Covington

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